Rackmount.IT is founded by Security Innovations to develop, produce and market rack mount accessories. It’s origin lies in the frustration of it’s founder, Eric Cantineau, that no rack mount kit was available for his Fortigate 100A. After a brief market scan, he decided to develop the rack-mount kits by himself. This lead to official start of Rackmount.IT in May 2010.

FortiRack Products

Fortinet provides very good performing devices for small and medium sized businesses; however these are desktop models. These days businesses move to 19 inch racks and the new FortiRack kits are excellent to fit Fortinet devices into 19 inch cabinets.

The FortiRack kit is an excellent add-on to place your high performance Fortigate in a 19 inch rack. On top of that it brings the essential console and network connections to the front!  Assembly will take about 5 minutes. Simply slide your Fortinet device in the kit, place the retainers and connect the supplied cables to the keystones.

There is a FortiRack for every Fortigate, FortiAnalyzer, FortiManager & FortiMail that isn’t rackmountable.

For more information, please visit: www.rackmount.it.