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Secure Access Architecture Solution- Secure Your Weakest Link

Organizations are changing the way they deploy access networks, connect devices, and enable business applications to address a number of challenges:

  • The number and types of network-connected wireless devices and mobile applications continue to grow exponentially, presenting new vulnerabilities and increasing the attack surface.
  • Users want fast Wi-Fi and a smooth experience across wired and wireless networks.
  • IT needs reduced complexity of network management, application management, and device management.

Fortinet is the only company with security solutions for network, endpoint, application, data center, cloud, and access designed to work together as an integrated security fabric to provide true end-to-end protection. Our Secure Access Architecture extends security policies to the very edge of the network where most vulnerabilities target. FortiAP and FortiSwitch communicate to the rest of the network, with FortiGate at the core. With one operating system across the entire network, customers get better visibility and awareness with simplified management.

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Fortinet’s secure access architecture ensures the same award winning security that is validated by independent certification agencies is available to every type of Wi-Fi deployment, from a stand-alone AP in an isolated office, to a handful of APs in a retail store to thousands of APs deployed across a large enterprise campus.

Three distinctly different WLAN offerings are available: an Integrated wireless solution in which WLAN control and security are combined on a single high-performance appliance; an Infrastructure wireless solution made up from best-of-breed wireless, switching and security components; and third, a Cloud Wi-Fi solution which embeds security intelligence into cloud-managed access points.


What’s New?

Technology Shifts Are Driving Need for Secure Network Access

  • The enterprise sector will account for 39% of the roughly 23 billion active IoT devices by the year 2019 accordingly to a 2015 Business Insider report. With most IoT devices having limited or no security, this presents a significant increase in the points of network vulnerability.
  • BYOD, and its associated security risks, continues to grow rapidly, with half of companies surveyed telling Gartner that they planned to move exclusively to BYOD for smartphones in 2017

What Is the Market Opportunity?

  • Cross-sell Fortinet’s Secure Access solutions to existing customers that want to extend security policies to the edge of the network
  • Penetrate new accounts through a unique combination of unified wireless and wired, with integrated security from an industry leader
  • Sell Fortinet’s cloud-managed Wi-Fi solution (AP-S) to SMB and distributed enterprise organizations, such as restaurant or retail chains, branch offices, medical clinics, and schools

Why Buy?

Fortinet’s Secure Access Architecture offers:

  • Unified management of wired, wireless and security
  • Intuitive “single pane of glass” management interface
  • Comprehensive, integrated threat protection
  • Unmatched visibility and control of applications and utilization
  • Security kept up to date through regular signature updates from FortiGuard Labs

Target Audience

IT Managers, directors, or CIO/CSOs at mid-market or enterprise organizations that are expanding or upgrading their Wi-Fi and/or switch network and are concerned about security at the access layer.

To learn more about SWAT/SAA, please attend our upcoming webinar on Nov 16th.