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Announcing the Fortinet Security Fabric and new FortiGate 6000 series and 6040 Enterprise Firewall


Announcing the Fortinet Security Fabric and the new

FortiGate 6000 series and 6040 Enterprise Firewall

Fortinet Security Fabric

The Fortinet Security Fabric is a very important announcement in terms of our technology vision in the coming years. The tenets of the Fabric are as follows;

Scalable:The Fortinet Security Fabric protects the Enterprise from IoT to the Cloud.
Aware: The Fabric behaves as a single entity from a Policy and Logging perspective, enabling end-to-end Segmentation in order to reduce the risk from advanced threats.
Secure: Global and Local threat intelligence and mitigation information can be shared across individual products to decrease Time to Protect
Actionable: Big Data cloud systems correlate threat information and network data to deliver Actionable Threat Intelligence in real time.
Open:Well defined, open APIs allow leading technology partners to become part of the fabric.

Download Fortinet’s Security Fabric white paper today to learn more about how to arm Global Enterprises with pervasive, adaptive cybersecurity from IoT to cloud networks.
FortiGate 6000 Series and 6040E Enterprise Firewall
Fortinet is expanding Fortune’s high-end Enterprise firewall line with the announcement of the 6040E, the first in Fortinet’s new 6000 series of ultra-high performance Next-generation firewalls.  The 6040E leverages the new FortiASIC CP9 to deliver 320Gbps firewall throughput and NGFW performance of 80Gbps, in a compact form factor.  The 6040E and 6000 Series take advantage of CP9 advanced capabilities to deliver SSL and VPN Suite B cryptography traffic acceleration, while meeting compliance requirements in key verticals such as DoD, federal, banking, and healthcare.  Available in 6 different hardware configurations to meet customer needs, the 6040E delivers the massive NGFW performance and scale necessary to secure the largest enterprises and data centers. 

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