FAQ’s for Partners

  • How do I reach a Fine Tec’s sales rep?

Each region is covered by regional sales representatives in US.  You may call us on 1-888-891-9988 to learn more about your regional sales rep.

  • What is the process to become a Reseller-Partner of Fine Tec?

The process to become our partner is as follows:

  • Make an account on our partner portal by registering here.
  • Receive email confirmation/activation once you submit your application on our Partner Portal.
  • Fill out the Terms Application (Available here).
  • Submit the terms application and State Tax Exempt form to your regional sales rep.
  • Sales Rep will give you confirmation once approved.
  • How do I register for the partner portal?

Registering on our partner portal takes less than 2 minutes. To register and have access to our additional partner resources, please click here.

  • How can I place an order online?

Only our Reseller-Partner can now place an order online on our nowcommerce portal by registering with us here.

  • How can I track the status of my order?

Since Fine Tec has a stock of products at their warehouse always, your orders are shipped within the same business day and your sales rep will send you an update with the tracking info. You may also track your order on the nowcommerce portal.

  • Can Fine Tec help me sponsor an event?

Yes, Fine Tec marketing can help our partners as well as your customers sponsor everything from Lunch & Learn to big corporate events. For questions, please email us at marketing@finetec.com.

  • How can I get added on the Fine Tec mailing list?

To be added on our mailing list, simply register here so you can get webinar invites, monthly newsletter, promotions, event invites, etc.

  • Does Fine Tec offer Finance Options?

Fine Tec can finance your deals through various credit options and by arranging leasing. In addition, we provide flexible payment options through the services listed here.

  • What if my question is unanswered?

If you have questions not listed here, please call us at 1-888-891-9988 or email us at sales@finetec.com.