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Bradford Networks Accelerates Threat Detection and Response with Integration

February 13, 2017 – Boston, MA – Bradford Networks, an innovator in transforming network security through visibility, control and response, has announced its partnership with Tenable to seamlessly share vulnerability data with Bradford Networks’ Network Sentry.  Bradford Networks’ Network Sentry is a comprehensive policy-based security automation and orchestration platform that continuously assesses the risk of every endpoint connecting to the network and accelerates the threat containment through intelligent correlation and prioritization of security events.

The integrated solution leverages the cloud-based platform to trigger a comprehensive scan of newly identified endpoints for vulnerabilities. If an endpoint is found vulnerable, the security event is fed into Network Sentry’s correlation engine to enhance its fidelity, assign priority and enforce policy-based threat containment actions. Network Sentry’s Live Inventory of Network Connections (LINC) provides real time tracking and repository of user, device, application and network connections information — which is used to triage security events into actionable security alerts.

In a recent study cosponsored by Tenable and the Center for Internet Security (CIS), lack of integration among tools was one of the top five impediments to implementing cybersecurity frameworks, which have been shown to help organizations strengthen overall security posture.

“As assets, networks and threats continue to evolve, security solutions can no longer operate on their own,” said Dave Cole, chief product officer, Tenable. “The ability to integrate security tools and share vulnerability and other complementary data is crucial if security teams want to understand their true level of exposure and risk. Our integration with Bradford Networks, a leading vendor in the security automation and orchestration space, will bring a new level of visibility and security capabilities to customers.”

“Understanding the full scope of vulnerabilities on every endpoint is critical for today’s organizations with dynamic networks,” said Frank Andrus, chief technology officer, Bradford Networks. “Tenable is the clear leader in providing cloud-based vulnerability management for the modern IT environment and this technology partnership will expand the ability of our joint customers to improve their overall security posture.”

Bradford Networks’ patented and market leading Network Sentry solution featuring the SmartEdge Platform provides extensive security automation and orchestration functionality by offering visibility into every endpoint connected to the network, correlating valuable context around security events, and accelerating the threat containment process.

About Bradford Networks

Bradford Networks is leading the transformation of network security by providing visibility, control and response to minimize the risk and impact of cyber threats.  The company’s patented Network Sentry solution continuously assesses the risk of every user and endpoint, and automatically contains compromised devices that act as backdoors for cyber criminals. The company’s award-winning Network Sentry is used by more than 1000 enterprise companies worldwide across many market sectors, including finance, government and defense, healthcare, education, logistics and transportation, media and entertainment, retail and hospitality, technology, utilities and many others. For more information, please visit