Fine Tec was acquired by Exclusive Networks on July 10th, 2017

Who are we?

Fine Tec (Now known as Exclusive Networks US) optimizes business for IT security & Network solution vendors, resellers, and their customers—end to end. Starting as a Value Added Distributor (VAD) in the year 2000, Fine Tec has become the heart of an ecosystem comprised of leading and emerging technology vendors who provide network-security and data-integrity solutions for our broad network of resellers across North America. We’ve done this by maximizing sales opportunities for our partners while removing the hurdles that impede business transactions from before the sale to after the deployment.In addition to our agile distribution services, we maintain certifications to help our partners comply with government and business procurement requirements.

  • Certified GSA contractor
  • EDI compliant accounting and operation processes


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Mission Statement

Fine Tec’s strength lies in providing personalized pre and post-sales services to our channel partners. As a valued partner of Fine Tec, you can expect to receive excellent support, special promotions, marketing & sales materials and training opportunities to help grow your business.

Why us?

The business priorities of customers, resellers, and vendors don’t often align. When priorities clash, someone must step in to keep business moving forward. In IT security, this someone is Fine Tec. We go all in to remove the hurdles that impede business while maximizing value for our vendors, resellers, and their customers at every stage in their transactions.  Your satisfaction is our greatest reward. Fine Tec honors commitments and responds quickly to your inquiries. We deliver top-quality service along with a comprehensive portfolio of technology solutions for IT security. Our services include:

  • Holding inventory for customers
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Financing and leasing options
  • Marketing services for vendors, resellers and their customers
  • “Quote-to-close” sales services
  •  Pre and post sales engineering services
  •  Integrated supply chain management and logistics
  • Technical support from Demo to Deployment