Partner Newsletter- August ’17

August 2017 Edition

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Aug 30th, 2017 10:00 AM in PST (US and Canada)

As you know Fine Tec was recently acquired by Exclusive Group who advanced its global distribution partner offering with this acquisition. Thus with this webinar, we would like our reseller-partners to learn: 
 Who is Exclusive Group and what they look like
 ‘Disruptive Distribution’ blueprint through its cybersecurity brand, EXCLUSIVE NETWORKS, and datacenter transformation division, BIGTEC
 Product Portfolio operating across EMEA and Pacific
 The “Global” Value Added Service and Technologies (VAST) Group offerings
 Global In-Country presence enabling partners to differentiate and create new opportunities and services

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Five things you should know about Fortinet

Five things you should know about Fortinet- FortiCloud – Up to 70% off FortiCloud Multitenancy License, NSE Xperts Academy- training event for top partner sales engineers in the US, and SWAT Training – Coming to a City Near You!

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40% Savings in NSE Exams

Now through December 31, you can order Pearson Vue certification testing vouchers at a 40% discount directly through an Authorized Fortinet Distributor. Vouchers are available for NSE 4, NSE 5, NSE 6 (combined exam), NSE 7, and NSE 8 (written and practical). More information is available on the Partner Portal.

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Fortinet’s newest offering arms cybersecurity leaders with cyber situational awareness highlighting and prioritizing the latest threat trends and risks. The service empowers CISOs to effectively communicate these risks to the C-Suite while also enabling more efficient management of Security Operations to maximize resources and proactively defend against trending threats. Fortinet’s FortiGuard Threat Intelligence Service is available as an open beta today – click here to learn more. 

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A wide variety of courses are now available that demonstrates mastery of complex network security concepts. For details on the courses offered and to learn more about the schedule, please click here. 


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Back-to-School Tips to Protect Mac Users from Ransomware

College and university business and financial offices are busy collecting student data and processing credit card payments for everything—from tuition to residence fees. University human resource departments regularly use employees direct deposit and health insurance data. This stockpile of sensitive payment and personally identifiable student information, coupled with limited IT resources, makes schools a playground for cyber criminals.  In fact, in 2016, education surpassed healthcare as the sector most targeted by ransomware, the fastest growing cybercrime today.

Ransomware outbreaks, including Petya and WannaCry, cost businesses $1 billion in 2016. Even so, school administrators—even some IT professionals—have a false sense of security in their Mac-heavy environments, with usage rates of 70 percent in K-12 and 80 percent in higher ed.

While Macs are perceived as being “safe” from malware, Mac’s small market share may largely be the reason for fewer attacks, rather than the vulnerability level of the Mac OS X. In fact, attacks on Macs were up 744 percent in 2016.

Ransomware is Getting Smarter

Ransomware doesn’t require entry to the MacOS operating system, not even special privileges. It just needs to target personal files stored in the user’s home directory. Hackers target unsuspecting users with malicious downloads launched from email and social media platforms. If they connect to your network, all it takes is a network vulnerability for the ransomware to take hold.

Hackers are creating new malware that runs on multiple platforms. They’re also scaling up attacks through ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS)—pre-configured ransomware packages offered to “franchisees” in exchange for a cut of the ransom money. FortiGuard Labs recently discovered an RaaS that uses a web portal hosted in a TOR network, possibly the first attack on a non-Windows operating system and the first RaaS to target MacOS.

Education is Your Best Defense

While Mac-specific ransomware attacks haven’t hit the level of Windows occurrences, the risks— the encryption of files to prevent access—are equally serious. To avoid them, schools should:

  1. Patch early and often. Pay close attention to Apple’s security updates and apply all patches quickly.
  2. Backup devices. Use Apple’s Time Machine service to make redundant backups, storing the most critical information offline. Scan backups for vulnerabilities
  3. Encrypt data stored on devices. While this may not be effective against many ransomware variants, it can protect against malware that is designed to steal files and data.
  4. Install an endpoint security client. Carefully research security vendors to assure their solutions will protect devices and tie that security back into your network security strategy, allowing you to leverage and share threat intelligence.
  5. Cover all threat vectors. Email is still the biggest vehicle for transmitting ransomware, so deploy an appropriate email security solution, along with web security tools, wired and wireless access controls, cloud-based security, and network segmentation to detect, respond to and contain threats found anywhere in your distributed environment.

Ransomware is evolving, and educational institutions can’t afford to be lax. As a value-added distributor of the Fortinet Security Fabric, Fine Tec can help you ensure that your educational customers are aware of ransomware risks to Macs and have a plan in place to counter them. Contact us to learn more.

Good News for SMBs: Fortinet UTM Leads in Gartner Magic Quadrant

Earlier this summer, Gartner named Fortinet’s unified threat management (UTM) solution a Magic Quadrant leader for the eighth year in a row. This news presents a valuable opportunity for SMBs seeking a less complex, more scalable security approach.

According to a Fortinet press release, Gartner recognized Fortinet for its “completeness of vision” and “ability to execute on that vision.” Fortinet’s FortiGate UTM is positioned in the highest ranks for its capacity to execute, feature/price/ performance combination and its perennial presence on SMB shortlists. In fact, Gartner says Fortinet is the most frequently shortlisted vendor for SMB and distributed office use cases among all competitors.

It’s no surprise, as Fortinet’s UTM pairs the most advanced security technology on the market with easy management and control required by today’s SMB and distributed office environments. Based on the industry-leading FortiOS operating system, Fortinet’s FortiGate UTM combines the security and feature sets of Fortinet’s FortiGate firewall, FortiAP wireless access points and FortiSwitches into a single, easy-to-manage compact appliance that offers:

  • Advanced security, including enterprise firewall, intrusion protection system (IPS), virtual private network (VPN) inspection, web application firewall (WAF), SSL inspection and cloud-based sandboxing.
  • Performance networking, handling routing, load balancing, WAN optimization, 3G/4G connectivity and 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

With Fortinet’s UTM, SMB customers have the enterprise-grade networking and security features they require without the enterprise-grade headaches that come with managing complex, multi-vendor point solutions.

SMB Cybersecurity Challenges

The need for robust UTM protection exists because SMBs are being targeted by attackers who know smaller companies have the same type of lucrative data (banking information, personal data, social security numbers, etc.) as larger organizations but are often far easier to infiltrate. Not only do SMBs have fewer staffing and resources than their larger counterparts, but attacks on SMBs are also likely to have more dire consequences; the National Cyber Security Alliance finds that 60% of small companies go completely out of business within six months of suffering a cyberattack.

Gartner’s validation of Fortinet makes the UTM purchase decision easier for SMBs searching for a tried-and-true security solution that is both feature-rich and easy to deploy/manage. Built on Fortinet’s industry-leading security and networking expertise, the FortiGate UTM offers a more powerful, scalable UTM with the added advantage of Fortinet’s Security Fabric approach. Since each tool in Fortinet’s Security Fabric, including its UTM, can dynamically share threat intelligence and coordinate response SMBs can identify, thwart and mitigate security attacks faster and more accurately—even as their business and networks become more complex.

With Fortinet in their corner, SMBs are ready to face even the most advanced, persistent and sophisticated attacks without having to over-tax their staff—or their budgets. As a value-added distributor of Fortinet solutions, Fine Tec can help you deliver to your SMB customers the advantages of a simpler, more scalable security architecture with the award-winning security and performance capabilities provided by the Fortinet UTM solution. Learn more.

Help Your Customers Extend UTM Clarity to the Cloud

SMBs are moving to the cloud in droves, with a recent Techaisle survey finding that 94 percent expect to be using some type of software-as-a-service (SaaS) application by year’s end. While those SMBs that move to the cloud are poised to reap several benefits, from costs savings to scalability, they are also opening themselves up to a new range of cyberattacks that threaten to put those benefits – and their company as a whole – at risk. Fortunately, Fortinet has extended its SMB-focused unified threat management platform (UTM) to the cloud, ensuring that your SMB customers can fully protect their SaaS workloads with industry-leading SaaS-ready security.

SAAS on the Rise

Drilling down into the Techaisle numbers further, it becomes readily apparent that many SMBs are becoming cloud-first organizations, with small businesses expecting a 140 percent increase in SaaS usage and mid-market firms increasing their number of SaaS applications by 80 percent. The move makes sense because the cloud is designed specifically to offload the time- and resource-intensive tasks few SMBs can handle in-house while providing the on-demand infrastructure and scalability a growing business needs.

Consequently, many new SMB converts to SaaS are implementing business-critical SaaS apps, including:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • Supply chain management
  • Inventory management
  • Marketing automation
  • Customer service

The result is an always-on business in which even far-flung employees and small offices can access enterprise-grade business applications anytime, anywhere.

SMBs Under Fire

All that flexibility, however, comes with a price. As more SMBs put more mission-critical data in the cloud, they also find that they are increasingly targeted by attackers looking for fast, easy scores. In fact, Verizon’s latest Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR) found that attacks on small businesses are on the rise, with 61 percent of all victims that reported a breach last year having fewer than 1,000 employees.

In the past, SMBs could provide their organizations with baseline security using UTM appliances strategically located throughout their environments. Such UTM wares offered SMBs the best of both worlds: strong, flexible networking and security in an easy-to-manage and deploy form factor. But with the move to the cloud, all bets are off as on-premises security solutions no longer have the access or visibility into critical cloud-based workloads.

Cloud-Ready Security

Enter Fortinet’s FortiGate UTM. Fortinet recently expanded its FortiCloud management solution to encompass its FortiGate UTMs, the SMB-focused all-in-one security solution that Gartner just named a Magic Quadrant leader in the space for the eighth year in a row.

The move means SMB customers using FortiGate UTM appliances can now deploy, manage and service their entire security and networking posture from a single pane of glass using Fortinet’s innovative Security Fabric architecture. Fortinet’s fabric uniquely enables all security and network tools to work together in concert to identify, mitigate and stop all manner of attacks in real time, no matter where they occur, on-premises or the cloud.

As a value-added distributor of Fortinet solutions, Fine Tec can help you deliver the advantages of UTM simplicity in the cloud. Learn more.